[Evolution] After using Evolution/Connector for more than 5 months


I was using Outlook XP in my company for Exchange mail for along time
and after GPLing the connector plugin I switched to Evolution &
Connector (Actually I switched to Linux in everything)

Anyway I want to to share my experience with you and with Evolution's
developers to help them in developing Evolution (some of my experience
has nothing to do with outlook) :

1- I faced many problem in the first time to make Connecter able to
get the GAL Address book because Connector wasn't able to detect my
GAL address (I don't know why) and also I didn't get a very clear from
connector in what is the problem.

2- Evolution always crash when I type an email address in the To filed
because it try to connect to LDAP to complete the address for me while
I am trying to right the address, I hope if there is a button like in
outlook to check the the To filed and replace the name with the user

3- It's very hard to get some information (e.g. phone)  about any one
from his email , I mean in outlook just double click in the email
address or right click and you will get a lot of information (you will
get even the next appointment for the user and the phone,fax and
office number)

4- In Exchange there is a future that you can make a group address
(This is what I call it :) ) (when someone send an email to this
address many users will receive this email) and in outlook if you
select one of these group address you can see who are in this group
(by clicking in the Plus signal before the name when outlook replace
the email by the name)  and in evolution you can't see who are in a
group address.

5- You can't drag and drop an email to the task to make a new task

6- You can't drag and drop an email to the calender to make a new appointment.

7- The calender doesn't work very will (and it's very important
component), it's always open a notification window but doesn't display
the appointment title in the window (I think for the Exchange

8- if I use the Threading mode in displaying the emails it's hard to
know where I get a new message when I collapse a thread (I must expand
each thread to know in where I got a new email)

9- When I color a message (Important, Meeting, To DO Later....etc) and
close Evolution I lose the colors

10- I have many Rules and when I close Evolution and run it again the
problem Evolution with run the Rules in all the Exchange emails again.

11- I don't know if this a bug or not because I tried it only one
time: one I send an HTML mail to many users They receive it as an HTML
source code

12- There is not a "Recall" future in Evolution to get back a message
you sent it by mistake

13- There is no way to Export/Import any emails from Outlook (many
users don't migrate to Evolution for this problem).

14- There is now an easy way to backup all the emails or archive them.
(I mean throw the Evolution's menu)

15- You can't know how many MB used in your exchange account.

16- When you send an email to some full inbox you will get an email
they your email can't be delivered but without telling you what is the

17- If you right a RTL language (e.g Arabic, Hebrew) with Numbers you
will not be able to read the email

18- You can't sort the messages by Date,Sender or Subject like in
Outlook 2003 ( I mean Threading sort)

19- You can't move the email preview to the left side like Outlook 2003

20- In version 2 of Evolution you don't get how many new messages in
your inbox in Evolution Window Title.

21- If you an HTML message with images you must go to the bottom and
click in each image icon to open it in the message.

22- It's hard to setup multisync with Evolution2 to Sync with PDA (I
don't know is this from Evolution or from MultiSync)

23- For the follow-up future, Why there is now reminder alarm ?

This is what I remember and I if you have any question I will be happy
to answer you.

My Linux Box:
Gentoo Linux (up to date)
Gnome (up to date)
MultiSync (up to date)
Evolution (2.0.2)

Best Regards,
-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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