SV: [Evolution] exchange 2003

Title: AW: [Evolution] exchange 2003
Thanks alot!
Then it's not me getting crazy, but others having the same problem :-)
Think I need to look for a downgrade to see if it works...

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Skickat: må 2005-01-24 12:47
Till: AHendriks rdw nl; evolution lists ximian com
Ämne: AW: [Evolution] exchange 2003

I have updated to evolution 2.0.3. Now it is not possible to change the password field to plaintext. When I've changed it and go into that menu again it is reset to secure password.


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> Betreff: RE: [Evolution] exchange 2003
> > did anyony get evolution to work with exchange 2003?
> It's working for me, i have found on a Novell newsgroup the following
> settings, which works for me:
> Identity Tab:
>  Account Name:\username
> Receiving Mail Tab:
>  Configuration:
>  Exchange Server:
>  Windows Username:\username
> Security:
>  Use SSL: Never
>  Authentication Type: Plaintext Password
>  Remember password: checked
> Receiving Options Tab
> Checking for new mail:
>  I have mine set to "Automatically check for new mail every 1 minutes"
> (not sure if this is really even necessary though as message appear
> instantly when they are received and not on the minute)
> Global Address List / Active Directory:
>  Global Catalog server name:
>  Limit number of GAL responses is checked and set to 500 (default)
> Exchange Server
>  Mailbox name: username (i.e., brian)
>  OWA path: /exchange
>  Public Foler server:
> One more thing, forms based authentication IS enabled on the Exchange
> OWA config.

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