SV: [Evolution] exchange 2003

Title: RE: [Evolution] exchange 2003
The problem, I guess, is not looking it up, but convincing the IT department to do the change :-)
I'll have a go!

Från: AHendriks rdw nl [mailto:AHendriks rdw nl]
Skickat: fr 2005-01-21 11:14
Till: Näslund, Anders; evolution lists ximian com
Ämne: RE: [Evolution] exchange 2003

> Have tried to copy Your settings but no luck so far....
> "form based auth." is that an option to be set on the OWA server?
> It just keeps telling me to "maybe use plain text passwords"
> but thats what I choose.
> Where is that key stored?
> I'd like to check that it is actually set...

Yes, you have to configure form based auth, you can look it up at Microsoft.

I haven't changed the password setting, the main part is the user name and the form based auth.


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