Re: [Evolution] Possible Bugs in 2.0.3

known bug, resolved in CVS already (as of a week ago)

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 16:05 -0500, Kevin wrote:
On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 20:26 +0100, guenther wrote:
1) Evo refuses to retain an auth mech other than Password in the
Receiving Mail tab of the Evolution Account Editor.
[ snip ]
  Seems like a big problem to me.

Yet another incarnation of the "storing auth method" bug?

Please check, whether the UI just fails to report the chosen and used
auth method properly, or if this really is set to password. The auth
method is stored in GConf /apps/evolution/mail/accounts. 

I took a look at the server logs and the authentication that is actually
occuring is definitely plaintext+TLS, so Evolution is definitely doing
it wrong here.  Looking at the info in gconf-editor, I don't even see an
auth method stored for accessing the imap server (receiving account).  I
see one correctly stored for the transport server, but not the receiving
server.  Am I missing something?  I'm using gnome 2.8.2.

This setting is stored withing the <account> <source> <url> tag, in the
form user;auth=TYPE server IIRC.

I see one like this for smtp but not for imap.  True for all of my 10 or
so accounts.

This bug may be known and already fixed, if it is the same issue I
remember. In that case, it should be fixed in Evo 2.0.4.

Well, as I said, 2.0.2 was buggy in a similar way (but with smtp and it
was possible to go back in and change it once and it would stick), but
that's been resolved in 2.0.3.  Unfortunately, this bug in 2.0.3 is even
worse: it's not even possible to change the setting in Evo and have it
stick.  Should I be able to change a key in gconf-editor and have it
stick?  If so, what should the entire account key look like (for one
account) in general?

2) Evo won't remember a zero-length password (associated with anonymous
IMAP account at cmu).  There is no password on the account, and that's
what I've entered in Evo, and I've asked evo to remember this password,
but it asks me to re-enter it every time I start up.

Oh well, a useless password? :)

Please file it at

Will do.

Thanks for your reply , Guenther.


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