[Evolution] Possible Bugs in 2.0.3

Hi List-

I'm having a problem using evo to send mail using tls.  A similar
problem was reported on this list in:


and Not Zed stated that this problem was fixed in 2.0.3.

I'm running 2.0.3 and I'm still seeing a problem (although it may not be
identical).  Specifically,

When I have account settings as follows:
Evolution Account Editor:
"Sending Mail" tab:
Server Type: SMTP
Server Configuration
host: myhost:26
Server requires authentication [checked]
Use Secure Connection (SSL): Always
Username: user virtdomain com
Remember password [checked]

and when I attempt to send, the send process hangs until it times out or
I terminate it by hand.  I have the port set to 26 vice 25 to avoid ISP
filtering, but I wonder if this could have anything to do with the

When the account setting for Security (Use Secure Connection (SSL)) is
changed from "Always" to "Whenever Possible" then everything works as

The server box is running Gentoo Linux with latest releases of software
in Portage.  The smtp server is Postfix 2.1.5-r1 and I'm also using
Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.10 and Cyrus SASL 2.1.20.  Authentication is done
against an openldap LDAP directory [and the mechanism chosen does not
seem to influence the problem (I'm using DIGEST-MD5, GSSAPI, CRAM-MD5,
NTLM)] using the ldapdb plugin to connect sasl with openldap.

When I do the same thing in two other clients (Sylpheed and
Thunderbird), I get no problems.

Is this a bug in evo or a configuration problem on my part?  If the
former, how do I report it in a bugzilla or something (or is this
message enough)?  My apologies if this is a faq, but I'm relatively new
to the evo community and it looks like all the Ximian web pages are
Novell web pages and in searching through them, all I seem to find is
commercial software information; no bugzilla or some such.  And while
I'm on that subject, what is the latest stable (and development) version
of Evo, and where do I download it from?  The latest ebuild in Gentoo is
2.0.3.  Is that the latest release of Evo?  Sometimes Gentoo ebuilds in
Portage lag the software package by a little bit, so I just thought I'd
ask.  The Novell website seems to go to great lengths to avoid providing
this kind of information; perhaps because they wish to sell the product
instead of providing it for download?

I also have two other problems that I'm pretty sure are evo bugs:

1) Evo refuses to retain an auth mech other than Password in the
Receiving Mail tab of the Evolution Account Editor.  When I created the
account, it was with these settings: IMAP, hostname,
username virtdomain com, SSL: Always, Auth Type: DIGEST-MD5, remember
password.  When I clicked "Apply" at the end of the account creation
wizard, I was prompted for the password, entered it, and Evo went and
checked mail with no problems.  But when I went back to look at the
settings, it had changed auth type to Password.  I changed it back to
DIGEST-MD5 and clicked "Ok" and then looked at it again and it was back
to Password.  I've done this at least 10 different times in several
different ways (sometimes quiting evo after making the change, sometimes
not), and it's still a problem.  I even deleted the account and then
added it again.  The same problem exists for some other accounts in evo
too.  I checked on this because I noticed in 2.0.2 there was a similar
(but not identical problem) with evo remembering settings chosen for the
Sending Mail tab, but that problem seems to have been fixed.  In any
case, there are some definite problems in the code for creating and
modifying accounts that still exist in 2.0.3.  So far, none of the
problems have led to me sending credentials over the wire in cleartext
(AFAICT), but if I choose a certain set of account parameters like
authmech and SSL, those should definitely stick, and they're not
sticking and it seems like it could lead to a user sending credentials
in cleartext over the wire (if the server permits it) by silently
changing a chosen DIGEST-MD5 authmech to Password in a case where SSL is
not checked.  Seems like a big problem to me.

2) Evo won't remember a zero-length password (associated with anonymous
IMAP account at cmu).  There is no password on the account, and that's
what I've entered in Evo, and I've asked evo to remember this password,
but it asks me to re-enter it every time I start up.

If anyone would like server log entries for the hang when sending just
let me know and I'll provide them.

Thanks very much for making and maintaining Evo.  I think it's probably
the best OSS GUI mail client out there and I'm very happy with it in
most ways.  I'm hoping this message will help you folks improve it still


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