Re: [Evolution] IMAP issue

On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 07:35 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

I suspect the message has NUL characters in it?

This string is coming from the server, as it doesn't exist anywhere in
Evolution, and evolution can handle binary data anyway.  Strictly
speaking, imap doesn't allow unencoded NUL characters (0x00) in
messages, so its probably the server just being anal about it.

You'll probably have to try to find the offending message and remove
it or fix it up.

Turns out the offending message was on a POP server.  It was happening
when I tried to pop a message off of a server and stick it onto my IMAP
server (which happens through a filter).  I logged into the web access
to my pop account, deleted the top message, and evolution was able to
pop the rest*.


* It happened once again with a different message, so I repeated the
procedure and it hasn't happened since.  Still, it seems that evolution
should be more robust in face of this kind of error -- I couldn't get
any of my other mail off of the POP server until I manually rectified
the problem.

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