Re: [Evolution] can't access address book

I was afraid of something like that.  All in all, the transition to 64
bit has been fairly smooth, but the exceptions can be trying.  I caught
the keys in gconf.  Thanks.  

Looking on the SuSE online update page, I see the 64b patched version is
2.0.1-6.2, which leaves me wondering if someone at Novell has looked at
the problem and tried to solve it.  

Failing that, I might dive into LDAP on my server.  What can I use to
access the .db files?

On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 14:40 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

You will need at least evolution 2.0.4 (i.e. not yet released, and cvs
doesn't even have the patches yet) or evolution 2.1.3 for it to work
very well on a 64 bit machine.  I only got an amd64 box last week to
debug some of these issues.  

It may be that the db file format changes between architetures too, in
which case you may need to do more than just drop the .db file in -
but it may not be an issue too.

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