[Evolution] can't access address book

I just upgraded to an Athlon 64 and loaded 64 bit SuSE 9.2.  I had SuSE
9.2 on my previous 32 bit hardware.  The Evolution version is 2.0.1.

The email client works fine, but selecting the contact list (local
computer) brings up this error:

"Error loading addressbook.

"We were unable to open this addressbook.  Please check that the path
exists and that you have permission to access it.

I created a new dummy address book, but once created I received the same
error when I tried to access it.

I carefully went through the directories in ~/.evolution but couldn't
find anything out of place.  I renamed ~/.evolution to something else
and reinstalled.  Doing this created a new ~/.evolution directory, but
selecting the contact list brought up the same address book names, and
the same message.  So I'm missing a directory somewhere with information
in it.

I have a _lot_ of contacts wrapped up in this book.

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