[Evolution] Problems with Sync to Palm Pilot


I'm trying to sync evolution to my PDA.

I had some problems with address not showing up properly (turning up as
unnamed) but I managed to solve that.

What happend to me this morning is that I created a new task in Evolution,
then synced to my PDA. Only later did I notice that this task isn't in my
PDA. It's rather obvious as it's the only task I have at the moment.

I then did some more checking and I noticed that while most of my calendar
events were transefered some weren't. I have some imported calendar events
(recurring ones) that didn't transfer. Also on my PDA i've got red
coloured markings in my calendar (month view) which I have never seen
before, but when I go to those days.. there's nothing there.

Basically i'm rather confused at the moment and was wondering if anyone
had any ideas.


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