Re: [Evolution] Folder migration during upgrade

hi sebastian,

Am Sonntag, den 09.01.2005, 11:47 +0000 schrieb Sebastian Tennant:
I'm running Evol on Debian Sarge. Am I right in thinking that the
upgrade to 2.0.3 migrated ~/evolution to ~/.evolution?   I answered 'no'
when asked if I would like to remove the old folder and now find that
certain things like my signature files are still being accessed from
within the old ~/evolution folder

what else than your signatures?

evolution is now using both folders!

no, evolution2.0 only uses ~/.evolution for storage (and gconf keys for
some settings), but (okay you're right somehow) it seems to read the
signatures files from ~/evolution because the gconf key wasn't changed
(see below).

your signature files should be stored in ~/.evolution/signatures, you
can copy the text files from the old location in ~/evolution to
~/.evolution/signatures and then adjust the gconf key pointing to the
text file, which are stored in /apps/evolution/mail/signatures (use
gconf-editor for example to do this :-).


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