[Evolution] has the "go to next unread message" function changed?


Before upgrading from evo 1.4.6 to 2.0.3 I could:
A: press shift+. to go to the next unread message,
B: press ctrl+h to select a thread,
C: press ctrl+k to mark it as read and finally
D: press shift+. to go to next unread message.

Now in evo 2.0.3 A through C work fine [1] but D doesn't work any more.
Whenever a thread is selected "go to next unread message" appears to be
ignored. Neither the keyboard shortcut nor the menu-option work.

Has this behaviour been changed intentionally or do I have something

This is on debian testing with fluxbox as WM.



[1] although I now have to press Ctrl+Alt Gr+ $ (Alt Gr + $ gives the
right bracket "]" 
# Mertens Bram "M8ram"   <bram-mertens linux be>   Linux User #349737 #
# debian testing            kernel 2.6.8-1-686     i686     512MB RAM #
# 15:36:14 up 3 days,  2:38,  7 users,  load average: 0.41, 0.38, 0.30 #

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