Re: [Evolution] I type a single-quote and get an acute accent

I suspect a KDE bug. I have exactly the same setup apart from using a
different physical keyboard (but still with a US layout) and have KDE
configured with two alternates: US and US International (which uses
dead-keys). However right now I have US selected and am still getting
the dead-key behaviour.

It doesn't bother me too much as I almost always *want* the dead-keys (I
write in Spanish a lot), but it's still a bug IMHO.

Note that you can get an apostrophe rather than an accent by hitting
single-quote+space. My fingers do this by muscle-memory (I have an
apostrophe in my surname :-)

On a related note, I haven't found any way to type Ctrl-` (control-
backquote), the accelerator for Preview Pane in Evo. Hints would be


On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 00:55 -0500, Ed Skladany wrote:
When I type a single-quote (apostrophe) character when composing mail,
the first key press gives me nothing, then pressing it again gives me
an acute accent character, like this ´.   The double-key press makes
it seem like I´m in some sort of character composing mode without
wanting to be.

I´ve checked my language settings in Evolution and KDE, and checked my
keyboard type.  I´m set to American English for all with UTF-8
character encoding.  In fact, as soon as I type the word with the
acute in it, the spell checker wants to fix it, and does it properly
(replaces it to a word with an apostrophe).  Note that there are two
offending words in this paragraph.

I have a Microsoft Natural keyboard and am running an up-to-date
Fedora Core 3 on i686, KDE 3.3 and Evolution 2.0.2.

If anyone can help, please let me know.


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