Re: [Evolution] Palm Sync Debugging

I posted this set of questions a few days ago and still no response. I
checked to make sure their is not a seperate user-list related to
evolution-palm-sync but if I am incorrect please RSVP with the list so I
can subscribe to it. 

Hoping for some direction here. I am more that willing to work with the
developers on any issues or debugging required. 


On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 08:46 -0500, Jeremey Wise wrote:
I have one last thing to get evolution to work to its utter perfection.
So far every thing is running swimmingly so I figured I would tackle
PALM sync.

Specs: Thinkpad T41, Samsung i500 (phone/palm), SuSE 9.2,
gnome-pilot-2.0.12-3,pilot-link-0.11.8-126, evolution-pilot-2.0.1-6.2,

Error: I run gpilotd-control-applet I can enable "Backup", "Test", and
"ECalendar" but if I enable "ToDo" or "EAddress" gpilotd crashes. I will
then get duplicate contacts in my palm and it also hangs the palm hard. 

1) Poking around I find 
wisej wizej:~/.evolution/addressbook/local> directory where I believe
would be all the local contacts. Can I backup just this director and
restore it in my tests to make sure I don't mess up my contacts?
2) Some of my contacts get sent to my palm but not all. I have not found
the key or methodology as to why some are and others aren't. Is their a
set of key fields that must be filled in?
3) Is their a way to sync both local and global ECalendar events to the
palm. I have personal events scheduled and don't want to have them show
up in the corporate calendar so I keep them local, but my goal is to
have my phone remind me if I have a corporate meeting coming up.


Jeremey Wise
jeremey wise agilysys com

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