[Evolution] Evolution 2.0.3 - no more MH-style maildirs?

Hello all:

I'm a Debian (Sarge) user, user of Evolution since approximately 1.0.X,
and just recently upgraded to 2.0.3.  While I like a lot of the changes,
I find that my mail folders are now all mailbox files (one big text
file, with associated index) instead of MH-style mail folders (a folder
with a bunch of separate text files).

I really wished to retain the individual text file method because I do a
lot of non-Evolution manipulation of my mail files (not the least of
which is a daily synchronization between my home system and one or more
remote systems).  I found it much faster for rsync to ship over a couple
of small files rather than parsing through a large single file for each
mailbox (I keep a lot of messages).  I also found it much easier to grep
my mail files if I wanted to check something while not in GUI-mode.

Any chance of returning to the 1.4.X style of user-choice in type of
mailbox file?



Eric N. Valor
ericv cruzio com
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