[Evolution] How to clear the calendar?


Because of some problems I've encountered with syncing my calendar to my
Palm (m500) I would like to start with a completely clean calendar.

I plan to:
A: backup my current calendar in evo
B: clean the evo calendar
C: copy the Palm calendar to evolution
D: again back this up
E: clean both the evo calendar and the palm calendar
F: insert all appointments for 2005 again

For A I believe the following should do it:
evolution --force-shutdown
cp ~/.evolution/calendar/local/system/calendar.ics
do I need the calendar.ics-pilot-sync-evolution-calendar-500.db and
pilot-map-calendar-500.xml files as well?

Do I need to remove these "pilot"-files as well when cleaning the
calendar (for B)?
Do I need to copy an empty calendar.ics file from a clean install or
will evo recreate this file automatically?

F: since I learnt in the "Bugs in birthday handling" thread that
evolution's calendar isn't intended to be a historical calendar...

TIA for any hints/pointers/advice!

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