[Evolution] imap error message is annoying

I get my email through a university email system via IMAP.  Their imap
servers unfortunately disconnect users after about 10 minutes,
presumably to save wear and tear on the servers or perhaps just to be
irritating.  Every time this happens, Evolution produces a pop-up

"Error while Scanning folders in "IMAP server cruzmail.ucsc.edu".
Server unexpectedly disconnected: Connection reset by peer."

or others of a similar flavor.

The errors are irritating, and I don't think they are very useful to the
user.  I would like very much to make them go away.  Outlook and
Thunderbird do not do this, but rather just indicate the disconnection
via the little plug icon in the lower left corner.  This is to my
thinking a much less annoying thing to do.  All the same, this is such a
fine email program that I would prefer to fix it rather than use

Perhaps someone who knows the code base could easily fix this problem,
or if that is too much trouble could direct me as to what needs
changing.  If someone points me in the right direction I will gladly
produce a patch that addresses this problem.

Thank you.


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