AW: [Evolution] No mailbox for user xx xx xx on

I checked this already. The exchange server and the OWA are on the same server. I'm able to use the web 
interface and I get all mail when connecting over IMAP. The only thing that does not work is the exchange 
connector. Webdav is allowed.


Assuming this is still unresolved.

Have you checked to make sure you can open up a web browser and get your
mailbox on that server. For example if your server is Exchange1 and your
domain account name is "HStefan" then you would open up firefox and do
http://exchange1/exchange and then you would be prompted for username
and password. Username would be "HStefan" and password should be you
standard Domain password. If this works this means that that exchange
server will work with evolution. That does not mean that it hosts your
mail store. If your IS group has moved your personal mail store to
another server then you will have to either ask them or load up Outlook
and check properties for what server your mailstore is on. If you verify
that (for our example) that  your mail store is on server "exchange1"
then you need to verify that they have not split the OWA portal from the
exchange server itself (if you find that your mailstore is NOT on the
server 'exchange1" then use that server name and start this test over).
The only way to find out if they have split the OWA/RDP over HTTP
function from the server hosting the mailstores is by asking your IS
group (at least that is the only way I know). If they do have it split
then at this time I have not figured out how to get evolution to work
correctly, though it was likely proxy settings that our IS team did not
build. See if your IS team can move your mail storage to a server with
the OWA function one the server running the exhcange (as they did in my

Hope this helps

On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 09:58 +0100, Hegger, Stefan wrote:

I did still not succeed with evolution and exchange 2003. I tried
several usernames but everytime I get the message from evolution that "No
mailbox for user xx on xx.xx" I've looked in several forums but I'm not
the only one that has problems. I'm running evolution 2.0.2 and connector
2.0.2. Can anybody help me?


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