[Evolution] Appointment reminder time

This problem was previously reported and (I thought) fixed in earlier
versions of Mandrake and Evolution, but I'm still seeing it:

Using Evo 2.0.3 in MDK 10.1, I have the timezone correctly configured to
America/New York (GMT-5). The BIOS clock is set to UTC. Both the system
clock and Evo calendar both seem to have the day/time correctly. For
example, right now it's 19:17 EST on 1 Jan (00:17 2 Jan UTC) and the
calendar recognizes that today is 1 Jan.

However, all of my appointment reminders pop up based on UTC. 17 minutes
ago I got a pop-up for an all-day appointment that occurs Monday.
Instead of popping up at midnight for the all-day appointment the next
day, it pops up at 1900 local and says the appointment is for 1900
Sunday through 1900 Monday.

Is this an MDK-only problem or are other distros seeing it as well?
Ted Anderson <tja pobox com>

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