[Evolution] evolution2.0.3 hangs (atk_table_ref_at)


another report about evo2.0.3 being very slow. don't know what i did (i
think i did not change anything except a bit of playing with
gnopernicus-0.9.1 over the days, but already uninstalled it again), but
nearly everytime i switch folders in mail view or try to open a message
in the preview pane, evolution hangs, sometimes a few minutes so i have
to kill it.

here's the terminal output:

andre embrace:~> evolution
Bonobo accessibility support initialized
GTK Accessibility Module initialized
** (evolution:4352): CRITICAL **: file atktable.c: line 151
(atk_table_ref_at): assertion `row >= 0' failed

...and the last message repeats itself.
thanks for any ideas in advance.


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