Re: [Evolution] Odd 2.0.3 behavior

Some time ago I upgraded to 2.0.3 which seems to work well except for
the following: occasionally (like once a day or so) Evo gets into a
strange state where:

 - All panes appear normal.
 - Messages can be selected in the list window, however the
   preview window will NOT update.
 - Double clicking in the list window will NOT bring up the
 - Folders can be selected, however the list window does NOT
   update to display the contents of the new folder.
 - Mail is still received properly.
 - The folder window still updates to indicate the number
   of unread messages properly.
This seems to happen after extended periods of inactivity (i.e. first
thing in the morning, or after I go away for a while).

The terminal window doesn't seem to show anything interesting going on.

Killing and restarting Evo makes the world a happy place once again.

Is there any way that I can get more information out of Evo to figure
out what's happening? (hmm...I suppose I might be able to attach a gdb
session, but I'd have to scrape the moss off of some brain cells first).

Ah, I might just as well scrape the moss off... ;-)
see "Debugging Evolution's Crashes"

You likely will need to Ctrl-C to get back to the gdb prompt, as you
don't observe a crasher.


char *t="\10pse\0r\0dtu\0  ghno\x4e\xc8\x79\xf4\xab\x51\x8a\x10\xf4\xf4\xc4";
main(){ char h,m=h=*t++,*x=t+2*h,c,i,l=*x,s=0; for (i=0;i<l;i++){ i%8? c<<=1:
(c=*++x); c&128 && (s+=h); if (!(h>>=1)||!t[s+h]){ putchar(t[s]);h=m;s=0; }}}

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