Re: [Evolution] Migration of existing evolution to new partition?

Hi Pete, 

On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 10:21 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 07:22 +0000, Carlos Gonzalez wrote:
Thanks for the input Not Zed.  I appreciate it.  This
list seems pretty dead.  Am I on the wrong list or
something?  I've only gotten a couple of emails on any
subject in the last few days. 

Well it's possibly because your email didn't get to many people - I had
to search for it and found it in my spam filter:

  X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=7.7 required=5.0 tests=FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS,RCVD_IN_ORBS,RCVD_IN_OSIRUSOFT_COM 

So presumably it got there in many other peoples.  BTW - that was not my
spam checker doing it, it was something else on the way that inserted
the header (I know because I use a different version).  Perhaps you
haven't seen much because something in the path from your machine to the
ximian mailers is inserting the spam headers and all the mail is ending
up in the spam filter?

That's bizzare.  I am running under Linux at my home network with a NAT
hardware firewall and all and have not experienced any kind of virus,
worm, hacker or otherwise in years so I doubt it's anything coming out
of my computer.  Just today I turned off spam checking at the Yahoo
account I am using so perhaps Yahoo was checking my email going through
their servers and flagging it as spam somehow.  Hopefully my turning off
their spam checking should prevent this in the future. 

I'd hate to use my more valuable email addresses for lists since almost
inevitably they get full of spam through such lists.  

Thanks for the heads up Pete.  I suppose in one sense the lack of email
to me from this list is a testament to the efficiency of people's or the
lists spam checking / don't respond setup :).  Can't say that I have
ever been known as a spammer before LOL.  


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