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so... you mean you have a folder with say 10 unread messages, then you
read 5, and then switch to another folder (and thus 5 remain unread)?


Well, In mutt one can set this option.

switching folders won't change the read/unread status of messages which
haven't been opened. so what option does there need to be?

 I searched through all the
settings of evo but couldn't find one. I think one dosen't exists. The
reason I needed this was that since I read the mails intermittently,
where I even have to switch my box, when I return to evo the flag new is
gone and it's not possible to know if I have read them.

sure it is, if they are bold with a envelope icon that isn't opened,
then you haven't read them yet.

Well, what you say is correct but as I am using maildirs, they have new,
cur, tmp subdirs. New messages are kept in MaildirName/new/

Ex: ~/Mail/lists/evolution/new/1108409253.15564_3.myfc3

When the mail is marked old it is moved to MaildirName/cur/ as

Ex: ~/Mail/lists/evolution/new/1108409253.15564_3.myfc3:2,

When it is read, it's name is changed as

Ex: ~/Mail/lists/evolution/new/1108409253.15564_3.myfc3:2,S

What evo is doing here is that it is marking the mail old when it loads
the maildirs but keeping info in index files whether the mail has
actually been read or not. It works for evolution but breaks the other
mail clients which exclusively depend on maildir format mailboxes

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