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I don't follow what you are saying here, because:
 - evolution has no concept of 'new' or 'old' messages (at least not
 - once you have 'seen' a message, it is 'read'.  They are the same
flag, and you cannot have a 'seen' message that you also have 'unread'.

Hello Not Zed,

What I mean from seen but unread messages is that when one has many
folders and many new messages, one may open one folder, maybe read a few
messages and leave the rest of the messages as unread ( seen but unread )
and later wants to read them.

Well, In mutt one can set this option. I searched through all the
settings of evo but couldn't find one. I think one dosen't exists. The
reason I needed this was that since I read the mails intermittently,
where I even have to switch my box, when I return to evo the flag new is
gone and it's not possible to know if I have read them.

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