[Evolution] 'Set Status Junk' action in filter doesn't mark all messages read...


My new ISP tags certain messages as spam by adding [SPAM] to the
subject. I created a rule with the following actions:
Set Status Junk
Move to folder [spamfolder]
Stop Processing

However some messages (5-6/day) do get marked as Junk but appear in the
Junk folder as unread. Apparently the Set Status Junk action isn't
executed completely.

I don't know where to start looking to debug this, can anybody confirm


# Mertens Bram "M8ram"   <bram-mertens linux be>   Linux User #349737 #
# debian testing            kernel 2.6.8-1-686     i686     512MB RAM #
# 13:29:58 up 3 days, 17:16,  2 users,  load average: 0.48, 0.15, 0.05 #

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