Re: [Evolution] Bugs in birthday handling

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 02:32 +0530, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
I have been searching in bugzilla for bugs that I found with the
handling of birthdays, but the nearest I found (for [1] below) was which is shown as

I am using Evolution 2.0.2 on FC3. I see the following two problems
right now.
a. If I click on an existing contact with no birthday set and then click
on the personal information tab, and then specify the birthday, ... the
Ok button doesnt become enabled. However, if I shift to the first tab
"contact" the ok button becomes enabled so that I can save the change.
Surely this is a bug which is still to be fixed.

You can a file bug for this.

b. If I set the birthday for a contact who is already in the addressbook
(but didnt have the birthday set previously), then the birthday doesnt
show up in the birthdays and anniversary. Well ... that is what I
thought. But actually it is getting set ... only on the day the person
was born. i.e. if the person was born in 1976, it shows up in the
calendar of that year. is the bug for this


So this is pretty weird. Does the birthday field stand for the persons
upcoming birthday or the day he/she was born?

- Sandip

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