Re: [Evolution] debugging ldap contacts connection

For any changes you make in the properties dialog
for LDAP address book, you need to restart *both*
E-D-S and Evolution. That is a known issue with the
LDAP backend. Only then it will prompt you for the password.

I see the port number "3389". Is that correct?
Or it is just the default port 389 you are using?

Try binding with the DN, and also set the search base?
You can use "Find possible search bases" button for that.
Do you see any more log messages on Evolution console?


On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 12:19 -0500, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 13:18 +0530, Sushma Rai wrote:
Try starting evolution-data-server and evolution from console and look
for the log messages?

Nothing particularly interesting.  When I went to contacts and chose the
addressbook for the LDAP server I got ("foo" used to protect privacy):

 + ldap://localhost:3389/dc=foo,dc=com??sub
in server_log_handler
libebookbackend-Message: libldap vendor/version: OpenLDAP  2.00.311
in server_log_handler
libebookbackend-Message: library extensions present:
in server_log_handler
libebookbackend-Message: X_OPENLDAP
 => 0x80afde0
impl_GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_Book_open (0x80afde0)
in server_log_handler

(evolution-data-server:5549): libebookbackend-WARNING **: failed to bind anonymously while connecting 
(ldap_error 0xffffffff)

I have tried binding anonymously (which should work) as well as with a
DN.  When I try a DN Evolution doesn't seem to ever want to ask me for a
password.  Even when I try to create the addressbook from new,
specifying authentication by DN and then going to the Details tab to
find search bases, it does not ask me for a password but instead
immediately complains that my password is bad.

Password prompting works find for other LDAP servers for which I have
specified a bind DN.


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