Re: [Evolution] Stupid MUA Behavior (Trash)

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Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 10:09:16 -0400
From: Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj novell com>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Stupid MUA Behavior (Trash)
To: "Jeffrey D. Means" <meaje meanspc com>
Cc: "evolution lists ximian com" <evolution lists ximian com>
Message-ID: <1124806156 21765 7 camel localhost localdomain>
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On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 07:45 -0600, Jeffrey D. Means wrote:
Why is it that when using Evolution as a MUA with IMAP when I delete a
piece of mail I have to take a 4 step process to actually delete the
1: Pressing delete places it in the Evolution Trash folder for the
IMAP account

hitting delete on a message in, say, INBOX, just flags the message as
deleted (this is how IMAP works, and in fact, all other mail clients)

I'm not entirely sure if you meant what you wrote there, or whether you
meant that it's how all mail clients of an IMAP server behave.

I'm still smarting over losing 11 days of mail through a combination of
incompetence and unfamiliarity with an email client.   When on vacation
a few weeks ago I didn't have proper net access and was reduced to using
a web-mail client to read my accumulated mail.  I tried to mark and
delete all the spam but succeeded in marking and deleting everything.
There was no undelete function  8-(

An urgent mail to my ISP's helldesk revealed that they considered a RAID
array adequate backup.  They were concerned only about hardware
reliability and (apparently) don't take any precautions against
software-inflicted data corruption.


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