Re: [Evolution] IMAP speed

On Wed, 2005-17-08 at 12:53 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
Not to say there aren't new bugs now (offline seems a bit iffy for
example) ... 

What's the prognosis on that, Michael? Is that in the release critical
category, or a "yeah, whatever. We'll get to it eventually".

[As you'll recall, the offline use case has been my bugaboo for years
now; when I saw you were redoing the IMAP code I became hopeful, but
unfortunately there has been great cause for skepticism in the past. I
would dearly love to stop mucking about with offlineimap / getmail /
fetchmail / ssh tunnels etc and just use Evo, period - but the bar is
high. I will NOT be caught again an hour out over the Pacific only to
discover Evo won't allow me to access IMAP messages that it perfectly
well has cached but, since it wasn't in "offline" mode when last
disconnected, it couldn't figure out it had. That made me very
grumpy. :|]

Anyway, it's your call whether or not it's a priority - I'm just


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