Re: [Evolution] Q : exchange calendar offline

Sushma Rai wrote:

I am using evo 2.2.3 & connector 2.2.3.

works for email without problems, but the calendar makes me go crazy.

I am not sure about 2.2.3, but I think it was working in 2.2.4.

2.2.4 connector or evo ?  will evo 2.3 do the same ?

've checkmarked the box "copy calendar contents locally for offline
operation" but this does not seem to work, as described above.
also I've checked "Automatically synchronize Account locally" in the account-editor.

"Automatically synchronize Account locally" options selected all the
address book and calendar folders for offline usage.
addressbook : does it mean my or the GAL ?


"copy calendar contents locally for offline operation" is a per folder setting.


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