Re: [Evolution] LDAP Access to Active Directory (Exchange 2003)

1) When users search the global address list, the results are
successful, but a pop-up error message appears "did not complete
successfully". I have no idea why this is so and my research has come
to a dead-end.

I guess this happens when the LDAP search also returns a search
reference, which is not handled in LDAP backend of Evolution.

2) Users are unable to search for distribution lists and need to
manually specify the email address for the list to send an email to
members of that list.

You can file defects on these, so that it'll be easier to track the
Also exchange connector of Evolution can be used to connect to Exchange
server. But Exchange connector is available only for Windows 2K and 2K3.

I=E2=80=99m waiting for the client to send me version numbers.
Yes, you can try latest Evolution 2.3.7


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