[Evolution] Contacts & Siganutre 1.4.x->2.3.6


we are encountering severe Problems by importing old contacts and
signature from 1.4.x to 2.3.6. Evo does not recognize the old
installation and does not import the old settings as it was supposed to
do. We have succeeded in importing old mails, but contacts and
sigantures will not do.

We simply copied to old signature from ~/evolution... into
~/.evolution/signature, but we just cannot see the signatures in
Edit->Preferences->Editor preferences-Signatures. I know we could do it
by cut-and-paste, but there are over 20 signatures, so this is not an
option! All ideas are welcome!

The contacts are not imported at all. AFAIK, the addressbook format has
been changed in 2.x. Is there any external applications able to convert
the old 1.4.x addressbook into the new 2.x format - or e.g. a vcard or
csv file? 

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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