Re: [Evolution] Access to Exchange shared items after moving

Try checking if you can get these shared folders viewed in your browser
using the OWA access. This will confirm that nothing bad happened on the
server after the movement.

Make sure that the permissions for the calendars/folders you were
subscribed to have not changed on the server.

For Evolution, you could try resubscribing to these folders.

-- Sarfraaz

On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 10:22 -0700, David Mitchell wrote:
Good day, all

I am using Evolution 2.0.4 on Debian Stable with the Exchange connector.
We recently moved our Exchange server to a new machine, with a different
hostname and IP address. Evo mail had no problems following the move,
but I can no longer access any of the shared items that Exchange serves.
When, for example, I click on the box next to one of the shared
calendars I used to use, the IP address of the OLD server flashes
briefly on the bottom of the window and the checkmark disappears. Can
anyone suggest how to re-connect to the shared items?


David Mitchell
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