Re: [Evolution] solved (maybe) - Address book problem

Hi again,

on 2005-08-08 at 11:02 +0300, Kimmo Elo wrote:

I have an odd problem with Evo on SuSE 9.3 Pro + KDE 3.4.2.
When I start Evo first time in a session, I cannot access my local
address book. After closing and re-starting Evo, the problem disappears
and everything works just fine!

I tend to link this problem with evolution-data-server (currently
installed ver., is this right?

Belive it or not, the problem disappeared as I changed the current view
for the address book! The reason for this seems to be that my previous
view was configured to display "Display name" and "Email address", but
in my addresbook, which is orginally created with 1.4.6 and converted by
2.x the email addresses are - since the conversion to 2.x, I think -
stored in the "2nd email address" field. As I changed the view to
display "Display name" and "2nd email address", everything seems to work
just fine!

Does this make sense?!

Kind regards,

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