[Evolution] incorporating forwarded mail

So now I know how to forward a letter as an attachment (thanks!).   

How do I incorporate those attachments as separate letters in an
Evolution folder?   

I see how to save the attached mail as a file, but not as a message.  I
could set up a separate account for the message, but that's clumsy.  Is
there a direct method?

Why is this useful?   To be able to filter and search these messages.

Why am I forwarding attached mail?  It's the easiest way to get small
amounts of mail to another system.   It works around an imap issue
where, if I access an imap mailbox in another manner, such as with a web
interface when I don't have my PC, then later when I use Evolution on my
PC, it  doesn't always incorporate that mail, even if I had marked that
mail as unread.


W Randolph Franklin <wrf+evolution ecse rpi edu>

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