Re: [Evolution] cannot change smtp port

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 09:26 +0200, BlinkEye wrote:
it does not work. i may try to send a mail with the server set to - - which does not work. so, the mail stands in the
outbox but can't be sent. now, if i remove the port number the mails can
be sent.

Works for me.

yes, i'm very sure the port number i specify has a smtp server running
on it. as i said, try it yourself with the port 25. i'm still able to
send my mails specifying the port number with evo-1.4. 

maybe the bug is not just in that but in combination with ssl. i use ssl

How have you got the SSL set?

If its set to "Whenever Possible" then evo uses SMTP/TLS - ie connects
in clear, then issues a STARTTLS and then everything is encrypted

If its set to "Always" then evo does the stupid SSMTP thing - ie connect
to the port as an SSL session.  That should never work on port 25 unless
your SMTP server is really badly configured.  Some people run SSMTP on
port 465 but it really should be just killed.

I have my outgoing settings set to the correct one-way-to-do-things-
right (TM) setting which is 
        Host:        (MSA port)
        Security:       Wherever Possible


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