Re: [Evolution] cannot change smtp port

> > yes i did. doesn't work :(. you may try it too by explicitly specify
> > port 25 - doesn't work neither. 

thanks for any answers so far. it doesn't work for new mails neither. i
"neither" isn't the word you're after, try "either".
i shutdown evolution with the --force-shutdown flag and removed any
mails in the output queue. when REMOVING the explicitly port number when
a mail is in the queue it does work however. is this a known issue, i.e.
should i upgrade or am i the first one complaining about this?
What do you mean "it does work however"?  When does it work?

Where are you removing the explicit port number from?  Are you sure the port number you're using has an smtp server running on it?

There are no known issues here, and 2.0.4 has been around for a relatively long time.

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