Re: [Evolution] cannot change smtp port

> Where are you removing the explicit port number from?  Are you sure
> the port number you're using has an smtp server running on it?
> There are no known issues here, and 2.0.4 has been around for a
> relatively long time.

it does not work. i may try to send a mail with the server set to - - which does not work. so, the mail stands in the
outbox but can't be sent. now, if i remove the port number the mails can
be sent.

yes, i'm very sure the port number i specify has a smtp server running
on it. as i said, try it yourself with the port 25. i'm still able to
send my mails specifying the port number with evo-1.4. 

maybe the bug is not just in that but in combination with ssl. i use ssl

Oh, right.  Well SSL SMTP doesn't run on port 25 by default, so when you're specifying port 25, you're probably specifying a port the server isn't listening on, if the server ONLY supports ssl.  smtps is on port 465.

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