[Evolution] Triplicate contacts in Evo 2.03

Hi All,

Thanks very much for the fix to my last problem, which was that
ownership of /tmp/gconf-andrew got screwed.  By heading to the /tmp
directory I also found quite a few other files that were 502:andrew,
instead of 501 or andrew:andrew.  Evolution has fired up now and I have
the job of cleaning up my choice of "append" instead of overwrite.  This
choicew was really made in ignorance, as I was feared that "overwrite"
would delete my files and replace them with white space.  What I have
now is a Contacts folder full of triplicate entries.

My process for deleting the unnecessary entries is to make the View a
phone list, sort by name, and work my way down the list with the CTRL
key depressed and selecting entries with the mouse. Is there a quicker
way to this? perhaps from the command line? is there a backup directory
in the new Evo layout which is likely to have the triplicates stored
within, as well?  On deleting records from Contacts Evo crashes, with a
small block of data it accomplishes the delete on the way out, but with
larger blocks of addresses it crashes without deleting.

I had triplicates in Tasks, easily cleaned up.  And also in Calendar,
but I fixed the recent entries manually and then did a purge on the
Calendar for dates older than 3 days. This was after trying to delete my
calendar data from ~/.evolution/calendar/local - it all came back,

The other course could be to just delete the .evolution folder and then
sync with my Palm Pilot.  Any thoughts on these matters.

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