Re: [Evolution] Evolution backups with gmail

On 4/13/05, Ron Johnson <ron l johnson cox net> wrote:
On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 21:09 +0200, Kris Luyten wrote:

I've used Evolution for several years now, and my local inbox is
getting pretty full, so I was looking for good way to backup my

That's what folders and filters are for.  I've got upwards of
50000 emails, but my Inbox only has 31 emails in it.

The same here: I meant just all the mails stored on my disk...

       I was wondering whether there is a way to backup emails
already in evolution in my gmail account (e.g. by redirecting all
mails in a folder to my gmail account). I would also like to
"redirect" certain incoming mails directly to my gmail account with a
filter, but this doesn't seem possible? Is there a way to do these two

Before you do that, move the emails to local folders.  Then, you
can decide that you might just decide to make date-based sub-folders
and, to archive, burn the mbox files to CD.

I don't want to backup them on a CD, but use gmail as a backup mechanism.


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