[Evolution] Re: problem with evolution 2.0.2 connecting to exchange 2003 on FC3

Hi again,

I have entered my password and it says

Could not authenticate to server.

This probably means that your server requires you
to specify the Windows domain name as part of your
username (eg, "DOMAIN\user").

I have entered my domain/user in the "Evolution Account Editor' > Windows Username, still problem persists.
Is there anywhere i should enter my domain/user?


On Apr 12, 2005 9:20 AM, Gilles Yue <gillesy gmail com> wrote:
I have evolution 2.0.2 and exchange connector 2.0.2 installed on a linux box running fedora core3.  I am unable to connect to exchange 2003 and i am getting this error message below.

Error while performing operation.
Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: No such file or directory.

Anyonw who came across this problem before, thanks for any help.

Gilles Yue
gillesy gmail com

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