Re: [Evolution] Adding entries to LDAP addressbook

The slapd logs with ACL debug turned on (loglevel 128) are horrendously
verbose. If you are not getting anything in /var/log/auth.log (that's
were the Debian setup of slapd logs) something is wrong. Even when
operations succeed there is plenty to read there.

Are you sure? Mine is logging to syslog and i'm using the standard debian install...

And I'm getting plenty of activity on ldap queries, just not when trying to add a new contact to the ldap server from evo. Are you sure trying to add a contact to the ldap server should generate activity at the point at which you select the ldap server as the "Where". Perhaps activity is only generated when you click "Ok" (I can't get to that point since everything gets greyed out)?

Any thoughts on why any of this would be happening?

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