Re: [Evolution] importing mail from kmail

Is there some way to import mail messages from kmail version 1.4.1?
The import option doesn't recognize the kmail files.

I was the one who asked and the list solved it. It seems like there are
a couple of issues and options. Are your KMail folders set as MBox or
Maildir? If MBox, apparently you can import them a folder at a time with
the import option under file or just copy them from the KMail location
the the Evolution location. I did both, but lost a lot of files. Well,
apparently I didn't lose them, they just were detected as deleted, so I
didn't see them. So, unhide deleted files under the view option and go
from there.

The way I wound up doing it before Not Zed explained the hiding problem
was as follows. I converted my folders to Maildir. Then I set up a mail
account in Evolution (a bogus account) and selected sever type as
maildir and pointed to the appropriate folders. Worked for me.

Hope this helps.


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