Re: [Evolution] I'm so screwed.... (NEVERMIND)

The file was malformed.  I must have inadvertently deleted an END:VEVENT
line while I was looking at the file to see if I could figure out why
events were being duplicated.  Put in the missing line and it works.
Would have been nice to see some kind of helpful error message though.

Needless to say, I'm going back to "Copy to Palm", even though that
greatly reduced it's usability.


On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 00:40 -0800, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:
So, I've been "syncing" Evolution's calendar with my palm by using the
option "Copy to Handheld".  Finally decided to give real syncing a go.
First couple passes, got duplicate entries on some calendar entries, and
freezing on the part of gpilotd (on a FUTEX_WAIT).  After the third try
things got real nasty.  Although I can see all my entries in my local
calendar when I open it in an editor, I can't get Evolution to open it
anymore.  The "Personal" calendar is no longer checked.  If I try to
check it, it shows in the status bar that it is opening the file, but
then the check box gets unchecked again.

I can't see any errors, and like I said the file looks completely sane.
I've run it from the shell, force-shutdown, logged out, logged in,
deleted my orbit and gconf directories in /tmp; and variations of the
sequence of those steps... all with no change.  It simply will not open
the local calendar.

Any ideas???????

Lonnie Borntreger

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