[Evolution] I'm so screwed....

So, I've been "syncing" Evolution's calendar with my palm by using the
option "Copy to Handheld".  Finally decided to give real syncing a go.
First couple passes, got duplicate entries on some calendar entries, and
freezing on the part of gpilotd (on a FUTEX_WAIT).  After the third try
things got real nasty.  Although I can see all my entries in my local
calendar when I open it in an editor, I can't get Evolution to open it
anymore.  The "Personal" calendar is no longer checked.  If I try to
check it, it shows in the status bar that it is opening the file, but
then the check box gets unchecked again.

I can't see any errors, and like I said the file looks completely sane.
I've run it from the shell, force-shutdown, logged out, logged in,
deleted my orbit and gconf directories in /tmp; and variations of the
sequence of those steps... all with no change.  It simply will not open
the local calendar.

Any ideas???????

Lonnie Borntreger

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