Re: [Evolution] Re:

Oh my. How quickly we descend into obscenity...always a good way to
display your intellectual prowess.

 All I see is an ISP in Michigan as the
initial hop. I have no idea whether that's someone inside Ximian or not.

:) Yet you're willing to post a condescending message in a public forum
where you chide somebody for not using Evolution (which is not even
germane to the issue of propagating the message), and for not using
Linux (which is not even true...the first hop inside Ximian is running

Yeah? How are you so sure that's not a Ximian guy there?

I'm not. But then again, that's pretty much the point. A simple
examination of the email headers makes it very doubtful that the
original message was posted by anyone within Ximian (possible, but

Hey, if you wish to claim that red is black, up is down, and your dog is
bigger than my dog then go right ahead. I was merely pointing out that a
little thought and investigation *prior* to attempting to display how
smart you are might be a good idea. Once you publicly jam your foot into
your mouth it's often kind of hard to get it me, I've done
it enough times to know :)


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