Re: [Evolution] imap...synchronization chaos ;)

On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 16:47 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 10:14 +0200, GÃbor Farkas wrote:  

when i create an imap account i have an option to:
"Automatically synchronize remote mail locally".

and also when i right click an imap folder,
i have an option to:
"Copy folder content locally for offline operation"
It means that messages will be copied to the local hard disk as they
arrive on the server.  The old code used to just copy it when you
'went offline', if it wasn't there already. 
unfortunately it does not seem to be like that.
i tried the following approach:

1. i created a new imap account in evolution
2. i turned on the auto-sync-remote-mails in the imap account settings
3. i have an INBOX, and also several subdirectories. one of them is
4. the INBOX was automatically updated (the number of new mails was
but not the subdirectories
5. i pressed the send/receive button. the number of unread mails was
updated for all folders.
6. not that i did not went into any of the subdirs.
7. i stopped the network connection (/etc/init.d/net.eth0 stop)
8. i clicked on the 'burn' subdir.
9. evolution froze with a 'opening imap://blabla' in the status bar
10. i've killed evo because i did not want to wait (i assume there's a

so, it does not seem to sync it... :((

is this a bug?

i am using gentoo linux...
i've checked it, and gentoo only applies a small patch to 1.5.93, which
adds to the list of libraries...

(and i use your vertical-layout patch ;) ..btw. any chance of getting
this accepted into evo?)

so it seems i am using a pretty normal evo-1.5.93...

is this possible to achieve with those offline-sync options in

because when in the past i tested some mail clients, they only fetched
the mails
when you chose to go offline.
but that's not good enough. i don't want to have to do it manually, and
also don't
want to wait sooo looong while he fetches all my mail (offlineimap only
transfersthe differences, so it's pretty fast).
See above.

If you're using something that works, I suggest you just stick to
that.  I would think offlineimap will be a lot faster at the actual
data transfer than Evolution.  Evolution only transfers the new data
required too, but the actual transfer speed suffers a lot if you have
any latency in the link.
latency is not really an issue here,
because i am imap-fetching my mail always on broadband connections.
(when i am on a gprs connection, i use the goodo old ssh + mutt
combination ;)

thanks a lot,
gabor farkas

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