[Evolution] Evo splitting messages in odd ways

I know all the traffic has been on the 2.0 release, but I and some of my
users are seeing a strange problem in the 1.4.5 release of Evolution
that comes with RHEL 3, and I'm hoping someone here can shed some light.

Every so often Evo seems to split an incoming message in two.  The
symptoms are usually a message with the bottom half missing, sometimes
right after the headers, sometimes further into the body, and a second
message in my inbox with no subject, no sender, and no date in the
message listing pane, and when I display it it invariably looks like the
tail end of some other message.

Evo is apparently splitting a single incoming e-mail at some
inappropriate point and turning it into two separate messages in the
message list.  In my case, most of these messages seem to be mailing
list messages which I have filtered into separate folders, with the top
part of a message going to a folder and the remainder ending up as a "no
subject" message in my inbox, so I don't always know if they would show
up sequentially in an inbox otherwise.

Mail here is delivered locally to a mailhub machine whose
/var/spool/mail directory is NFS mounted to clients like mine.  I have
my evo mail account set up with a server type set as "Local Delivery",
meaning evo periodically checks the NFS mounted spool directory and
moves any messages found there to my inbox under ~/evolution/local.  I
mention this since it seems the likely place for where the process might
be broken.

I understand that 1.4.5 has just recently been eclipsed, but maybe
someone could confirm my observations or suggest a workaround, or maybe
someone has found that this is still an issue in 2.0.

Thanks for any input or advice,


 Norman Joseph, System Engineer             joseph ctc com        IC|XC
 Concurrent Technologies Corporation         814/269.2633         --+--
 Federal Systems Group/IT & Systems Engineering                   NI|KA

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