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 >  People have asked, some projects exist, don't know how serious any are.  There are no windoze skills in the team to even consider it.  
I see. You don't accidentally know some names of such projects? Didn't find something on google yet.
>  Ugh, even more clueless people whining about the colour of the buttons, oh joy. 
Maybe. But more interresting: since evolution is very good, clueless people get an idea how good GNOME and related projects perform and that it could be a real alternative to their X boxes (and you cannot imagine how clueless people are, when they are stuck to their windows PC's). I have seen this effect with GIMP already several times.
Besides that, I think there should be an alternative to Outlook on windows too, evolution is a good candidate for this.
Eckhard ;)

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