[Evolution] Not-Junk unformatting?

I'm running Evo 1.5, and as I mentioned in an earlier thread, I've
configured it to use existing SpamAssassin processing via .procmailrc

I just recovered from an off-road excursion caused by a bug in the past
few development snapshots and I'm back to using 1.5 instead of 1.4.

I had one false positive spam e-mail which I marked as not Junk when I
got 1.5 running again.  I haven't had very many false positives so I
can't be sure that this is true, but I think that evo used to run ham
messages back through SpamAssassin with the -d option in order to
recover the original format.  When I did this to the message in
question, it got unmarked as junk but was left in the processed form.

Did Evo 1.5 used to put notJunked messages back in their pre-SA form? Is
there a way to get it to do that?  

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