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I'm active on quite a number of mailing lists, including some (eg
gentoo-user) which, being somewhat targetted at newbies, force-set the
Reply-To: header to the mailing list.

This is moderately annoying because it goes against the way evolution is
designed. Evo, acting like a proper mailer should,  a) respects the
Reply-To header, and b) offers Reply to Sender, Reply to List and Replay
to All options.

The trouble is that if I actually *really* want to just send a
one-to-one reply to the author of the message, I have to reply then
manually copy and paste the address of the sender. Which is *really*
silly given that there's a Reply to Sender, List, and All modality
already. <sigh> It's not Evo's fault.

Maybe a setting like "Ignore reply-to if reply-to is the same as To?"

I imagine there would be objections like "too hard to detect mailing
list, too specific and variable to model around, etc". 
So, instead, howabout in the Reply block? In addition to {Reply to
Sender, List, All} add "Reply to Sender (ignoring Reply-To header)". Ok,
so that's the ugliest and least sensible menu item I've ever heard of. 


Am I missing some convenient workaround/feature, or would this be useful
to people? Am I the only one tripping over this?

Maybe I should just unsubscribe from such lists :)


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